Frequently Asked Questions for Printing,
Billing, Production and Mailing

Does Varsity Printing provide graphic design services?
Typically we get finished electronic files from our customers. So the answer is no. However, we do work with several talented graphic designers who we can refer to our customers. We are also happy to make minor corrections to our customers’ files if need be.

How is the right paper stock determined?
For some of our projects, the customer knows in advance exactly what paper stock that they want the job printed on. However, many times the customer is not sure what a good paper stock would be for the specific project. We are happy to make suggestions and show paper dummies or previously printed samples to help determine the best paper stock.

Is a proof provided on every job?
Varsity Printing provides a proof on every project. When time allows, we prefer to show a hard proof. If the job is produced on a digital press — typically on jobs with smaller quantities — we can show a “live” proof on the actual stock. If it is a reprint of a previous job with minor changes, or a rush job, then we will at the very least show a pdf proof.

Does Varsity Printing have a standard price list?
We quote each project individually. There are so many variables unique to each project — things such as size, paper, quantity, color, schedule, etc. We usually can get a detailed estimate produced within a few hours.

Does Varsity Printing provide proofreading services?
No — the customer is responsible for all spelling and grammar.

Does Varsity Printing provide mailing and fulfillment services?
Yes — we provide all mailing and fulfillment services, including mailing lists and storage.

Does Varsity Printing provide press check services?
Yes! We encourage our customers to come and see the job on press whenever possible. Typically this service is provided only for sheet fed and web jobs, not smaller quantity digital jobs. The reason being that on the smaller digital jobs, the customer has seen a “live proof” already that is 100% accurate for color and paper.