Have you heard about Every Door Direct Mail?

Perhaps you have been hearing some of your friends or colleagues in the marketing field talking about EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).  This is a relatively new and very effective way to target direct mail to specific towns and neighborhoods.  It also allows you to cut your postage costs in half.

EDDM is best suited for Business to Consumer direct mail campaigns – ideal for Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, Chiropractors, Plumbers, Roofers, Auto Mechanics, etc.  The idea is to target specific zip codes and carrier routes near your place of business. The printed pieces go straight to your local post office, and then the postal carrier.  This means that traditional mailing services such as list procurement and ink-jetting presorting are not necessary.  And if done correctly the postage per piece will be 14.5 cents!

We are happy to discuss EDDM with you and see if it is a good fit for your business.